sugar shots

Our favorite sugar shots

A shot that tastes more like candy and less like cough syrup could make you the hero of the night! Here are our top 10 sugar shots.

sugar scrubs

Sweet! 11 sugar scrubs to soften your skin

Any time of year glowing, polished skin is a must have. Sugar makes an excellent exfoliant and is great for normal to dry skin.

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The sweet sounds of sugar

We love sugar! Ask your friends to name a song with sugar or candy in the title, and I bet it takes fewer than five seconds to tell you several songs. Here are our favorites.

do you have csid?

What you should know and how to test for it

CSID is clinically known as Congenital Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency (CSID) and was thought to be extremely rare and diagnosed in infancy.

your sugar intolerance snapshot

Sugar Intolerance caused by CSID – also called “Sucrose Intolerance caused by CSID” as well as the medical term “Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency” (CSID) – is a rare, inherited disease.

Whatever you call it, it means this: You were born with born with chemicals that don’t work. These chemicals, called enzymes, are needed to digest sucrose (table sugar), which is found in many fruits, vegetables, and processed foods.

It doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from. A banana, which has sugar in it naturally, can be bad for you if the enzyme that digest the sugar in bananas isn’t working.

If your body doesn’t have the ability to break down the sugar in these foods, you’re going to feel BAD. That’s because you’ll experience extremely unpleasant CSID symptoms that can include chronic, watery diarrhea; gassiness; bloating; stomach pain; and vomiting.

Based on an examination of your clinical symptoms and test results, your doctor can determine if you have CSID and may prescribe a diet plan and/or pharmaceutical therapy.

While there’s no cure, you can do a lot to manage this condition and live well.

Start by taking our Sugar Intolerance quiz to see if you should talk to your doctor about getting tested for CSID.

Then explore this website to get the important info you need without being overwhelmed, including how to:

You can fill up on a lot more Sugar Intolerance basics in What is Sugar Intolerance? and other articles in the information section of this website.

You’ll also find lots to read on the lighter side of managing life with less sugar throughout the features section.

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