13 sweetest halloween costumes

Here are our favorite Halloween costumes from around the web

Halloween parties are my favorite with dressing up, spooky foods, and lots of laughs. Costumes that look like treats and spare us the tricks are the best. Easy and inexpensive are two of the ingredients I look for in making a sweet costume. Check out the clever ideas from around the web.

1. Hershey’s Kiss

2. Candy Corn

3. Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

4. Jar of Sprinkles

5. Slices of Pie. A little cardboard and paint makes a super cute costume.

6. Almond Joy and Mounds

7. Nerds. You’re stuck together on this one, but it’s fun and easy.

8. M&Ms

9. His and Hers Hershey Candies

10. Candy Land Characters

11. Candy Button Sheet. The old-fashioned dime store candy.

12. Gumball Machine. Cute for adults or babies.

13. Cotton Candy. Make it a couples’ costume with blue and pink.

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