it's TV watching season

Check out the new shows and the reboots

The new shows coming to the small screen this season include an accountant whose pop star client moves into his house, a busy mom and her perspective on life, a teenage football player transferring to a new school and all the high school drama that ensues, a missing airplane that shows up five years later, a group of friends impacted by one of their own dying by suicide, a white family moving into a predominantly black neighborhood, and a group of single parents leaning on one another to make it through.

Reboots sound pretty interesting, too. We have Murphy Brown back to report the news but this time in the morning. Remember her son? Well, he is all grown up and has his own show that goes right up against his mom’s. What a great time to tackle alternative news and all the other political “stuff.” We shall see if the New Magnum will be the heartthrob that Tom Selleck played in the 80s. The dogs and the car are the same, and I’ll bet he is every bit as charming.

Amy Poehler brings us “I Feel Bad” this season with her harried mom character saying what most moms have been thinking from time to time. Brad Garrett is back in the role of a single parent. Daman Wayans, Jr. is the accountant with the teen star client, and Cedric the Entertainer is getting a new midwestern neighbor in his quiet LA neighborhood.

Some of our favorites have been around now for what seems like forever. We have “Dateline” on Friday nights entering its 28th season, “Hell’s Kitchen” in its 18th, “Grey’s Anatomy” starting season 15, andCriminal Minds” in its 14th season. “Survivor” takes the prize for longest running with the beginning of its 37th season. Wow, has it really been on that long?

In October we tune in to the 9th season of “The Walking Dead,” and it will be Rick Grimes’ last stand as Lincoln Riley has said he is leaving the show. Also, we have a second version of “Dancing with the Stars” – this time a “junior” version.

Get those DVRs programmed, get the tissues ready for a few of your shows, and settle back into your fall routine.