april fools' pranks

How to pull off these funny jokes

April Fool’s Day is celebrated by some and dreaded by others. The thought of “getting pranked” sometimes makes people crazy. It’s particularly tough for middle school and high school teachers since students enjoy pranking their teachers. Wives have been known to prank husbands with fake pregnancy tests or weird breakfast offerings. Moms prank kids into thinking there isn’t school or that they missed the bus. Kids prank moms and dads in too many ways to even mention. And of course, everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? Well here are some fun pranks that will keep you in good graces and hopefully get a big laugh.

  1. Place an air horn under your boss’ office chair, but remember the chair seat has to compress a bit when the he sits down to activate the air horn.
  2. Sticky note your co-workers entire cubical or desk. You’ve got to get up pretty early to achieve this task.
  3. Cover a 13-inch x 9-inch pan with aluminum foil and label it “freshly baked brownies.” Inside the pan, have several “Es” cut out of brown construction paper. Get it? It’s a pan or brown “Es!”
  4. Print off a scary clown face and place it in a desk drawer of an unsuspecting co-worker.
  5. On a sticky note write “Warning: Aggressive spider underneath; do not lift unless ready to smash!” Then turn a cup upside down on a table, and place the sticky note on the cup.
  6. For a breakfast prank, take the cheese packet from store-bought mac-n-cheese and mix into a cup of water. Serve as orange juice.
  7. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish. This takes some time to do, but the result will be soap that will not lather.
  8. Fill a Krispy Kreme box with cut up fruits and veggies and bring into the office.

Have fun and be safe!