the online shopping bonanza

Five reasons cyber Monday is sweeter than black Friday

We all know what Black Friday is – a one-day retail sales free-for-all that comes the day after Thanksgiving Day. For years, it has been a day set aside by millions of extremely dedicated, you could even say fanatic, shoppers to find that once-in-a-lifetime bargain. Want to avoid those millions and still catch the brass ring? Let’s check out the advantages of Cyber Monday – the online shopping bonanza the Monday after Black Friday.

1. Safety: Let’s face it we’ve all seen the movies and news reports about some poor soul getting trampled when the rush of crazy, carb-loaded shoppers pushes through the doors of a big box store looking to score a 72-inch TV for 10 bucks. Or the shopper who gets punched out by another shopper over the latest weird-looking, stuffed animal or whiz-bang electronic device.

2. No Fights: Yes, that’s right, as entertaining as it is to see some middle-aged moms go at it over the latest, greatest, must-have toy that their kid will play with for about an hour, it really isn’t a good reflection on society as a whole. Come on people, have some civility!

3. Ease of Use: The stores don’t get tricky and move things around on you when shopping online. You merely hit “search” and it takes you right to what you’re looking for. You may also find the items you are looking for in multiple colors and sizes with a click of the button, so no need to hunt or dig for them. No one could have pre-shopped and hidden one of the “must-have” toys in the frozen vegetable aisle.

4. Protection from the Elements: I know you love to camp; it’s super fun to be in the dark in subzero temps or gritting it out through the rain or snow, but the comforts of home certainly make Cyber Monday more appealing. No need to find your tent, sleeping bag, portable toilet, heater, or rain gear. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection, a fresh battery in your wireless mouse, and your readers.

5. Pajamas: No need for shoes, coats, hats, or any of that craziness, you can merely roll out of the rack and flip on the computer or tablet and Voila! you are at the store. After a four-day weekend, what’s one more day of pants with no buttons or zippers going to matter? Be comfy, save all of the money, smile knowing you did not have to fight the madness, you got everything you wanted AND, better yet, you had it delivered. Yay you!