decoding conversation hearts

What is your sweetheart trying to tell you?

Conversation hearts are the iconic Valentine’s Day treat. Necco has made these little colorful, tooth-breaking, and sometimes wise-cracking treats since 1866 when Daniel Chase figured out how to press food-dye letters into the candy lozenges his brother was making. These little boxes of hearts became a staple for Valentine’s Day and are the best-selling candy for the holiday. Believe it or not, they even beat chocolate!

Over time the sentiments have changed to keep up with the trends. The original mottos were BE MINE, BE GOOD, KISS ME, SWEET TALK, and TRUE LOVE. In the late 1990s and early 2000s they added phrases like COOL DUDE, YOU GO GIRL, WRITE ME – a dead art today, CLASS ACT, UR A STAR, and the ever popular URAQT. By 2006 they had a baseball theme and added HOME RUN, CALL HOME, and SWEET HOME. The next year in 2007 COOL CAT, PUPPY LOVE, and PURR FECT were added. By 2008 the sayings included CHILL OUT, CLOUD NINE, and GET MY DRIFT, and in 2009 they added TABLE 4 TWO, MY TREAT, and SWEET LOVE. By 2010 technology won out, so TWEET ME and TEXT ME were added to list of messages.

Did you know you can author these sweet treats as long as you follow these rules: no more than two lines of four letters for the small hearts and two lines with six letters for the large hearts? Here are some of the suggestions we would like to see for 2018 and what your Valentine is trying to say:

ON FLEEK – You look good.

HUNDO P – I am 100% into you.

TRILL – My love is true and I’m for real.

THE GOAT – You are the greatest of all time.

LB/FB – I like you, so like me back and follow my snap.