do you shlamp?

A guide to surviving the Black Friday shopping madness

You’ve heard of glamping. Decadent tents or yurts, air mattresses, and all the comforts of a luxury hotel without the plumbing. You may also be familiar with shamping. Urban Dictionary defines shamping as “camping where any inconvenience is rectified by immediately driving to the store to purchase the missing item.” But what about shlamping? Shlamping is making the most of the overnight wait for stores to open up for Black Friday shopping. It includes the appropriate snacks, energy drinks, and protection from the elements that make waiting in line bearable. Sure you could just wait, go late, or shop online, but what is the fun in that?

Perfecting the shlamping experience calls for some careful planning. Here are some tips for you to master the shlamp:

  1. A list of best deals and closest store locations. Bring the ad in case there’s any funny business going on.
  2. A detailed map of stores, marked in order of financial priority and hours of operation. Sometimes stores have their bargains in new locations, so you may want to work out a strategy with your bestie to divide and conquer the store.
  3. Athleisure dress code. You’ll need to be able to bend, stretch, climb, and possibly sprint through these stores. Choose attire and footwear accordingly. Those Ugg boots are warm, but they don’t have enough traction to get you out of the blocks.
  4. Chair or sleeping bag for comfort while waiting in line. Depending on the amount of time you will be in line, choose accordingly. If you live in Wisconsin, you’ll probably want both.
  5. Battery-operated phone charger. You can’t tweet, insta, or snap if your phone is dead.
  6. Energy drink, Red Bull or Monster, or a Venti triple shot. These drinks help you to be the most alert and fastest shopper around. But remember, what goes in must come out so consider your restroom options before selecting the size.
  7. Snickers bars, Clif Bars, Gu, or whatever it takes. Carbs give energy and you’ll need all you can get.
  8. Breath mints for the love of your fellow man. If your strategy is to shorten the line, then dragon breath may be your best option.
  9. First aid kit just in case. Bandaids for the blisters, eye drops for the peepers, ibuprofen for the aches and pains, and maybe even an ice pack if it gets a little rough running through the doors.
  10. Game face but not your typical sweet smile and loving personality. You are entering a must-win situation, so show them who the master shopper is.

Here are a few of this year’s best sweet “dealios:”

Kohl’s has Sony Play Station 4 for $199.99 and Fitbit Blaze for $149.99

Best Buy has door busters and in-store only deals on your favorite electronics. Some of their offerings include a 55-inch Toshiba Smart TV for $279.99 (save $220) and an iPad Mini for $274.99 (save $125).

Sears has appliances on sale, so now is the time to think about washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

Target has the Jetson V12 All-Terrain Hoverboard for $199 (savings of $100.99), a 55-inch Westinghouse 4K UHD Smart TV for $249.99 (savings of $150), and the Google Home Mini for $29 (usually $49).

Check out to find deals and store hours all in one place. And if you miss something on Black Friday, don’t forget you can always shop the deals on Cyber Monday!