eight fun fitness gifts

Cheers to starting your New Year’s resolution on the right foot

The New Year typically brings the gym rat in most of you out to play. Whether you finally start using that YMCA membership you’ve been paying for all year or you move the clothing off the at-home treadmill, it seems most of you are ready to start the new year by shedding what you put on during the past year. Your fit friend who shows up consistently to spin or yoga will appreciate a fitness gift as much as your friend who needs a little motivation to get moving again. Here are some of our picks for fun, fitness gifts this season.

  1. Kettle Gryp: Kettle bell workouts are more and more popular, but having a bell at-the-ready can be tough. This apparatus is clipped around the middle of a dumbbell turning it into a weight that can be swung like a kettlebell. This is a wonderful tool that can be easily packed into a suitcase since most hotel gyms do not have kettle bells. You can also adjust the weight by changing out the size of the dumbbell.
  2. Fun Fitness Dice: This gift set contains six dice, five cubes with six different exercises each, and one cube with the number representing how many reps to perform. What a simple and intriguing way to change what you are doing each workout without having to put much thought into it. This great travel item can help make the most of self-motivating workouts.
  3. Multifunctional or Gripper Headbands: Headbands are key for keeping the mane controlled during workouts. Some great headbands are big so that they can be used as a headband or a neck warmer depending on how you need it. Headbands that have a gripping strip in the middle are also a great gift. Keeping the band in place is essential. They all come in fun colors and patterns, making you feel a little better about your appearance as you amble off to the gym in the wee hours of the morning.
  4. Flip Belt: I know, the flip belt is a glorified fanny pack, but it really works to hold your stuff without being too bulky or extra noticeable.
  5. Personalized Gym Towel: Since you’re at the gym to break out in a sweat, you might as well have a fun towel to mop it up with. Whether you have a towel monogrammed with initials or a motivating saying, it’s a much-appreciated gift.
  6. Multi-Density Foam Roller: Rolling out the kinks after a tough workout makes all the difference, but you know some areas don’t need quite the firmness that other areas need. This type of roller simplifies your post-workout routine and should do the trick for any sore muscle.
  7. Cushioned or Crazy Socks: You can get socks with about anything on them these days. If your friend is a proud dog or cat parent, you can have socks with their pup or cat’s face all over them. What about socks with your face on them for your friends? Cushioned socks for running are also greatly appreciated for your crazy, marathon-running pals.
  8. Funny Yoga Mats: Whether you want to say “Namaste in bed,” “Let’s get down dog,” or “Yoga now, wine later,” your mat can lighten up the mood in any class.