figgy pudding and other odd holiday treats

We won’t leave until we get some

Do you know about figgy pudding?

You have to wonder if the fig industry was behind one version of the classic carol “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with its chorus of “Now bring us some figgy pudding… making this holiday treat sound special! So, what exactly is figgy pudding? This “pudding” is really more of a cake; and although the name would make you think it is primarily made of figs, that is kind of a loose title. Making this dish takes effort, figs, dates, apples, and maybe some raisins along with bread crumbs, spices, and suet (animal fat) all mixed together and then steamed for three to four hours. I hope you like these guests who are demanding to stay until they get some.

Figgy pudding isn’t the only odd ball in the bunch of holiday goodies. It was just lucky enough to get a shout-out in one version of a popular holiday song. Here are a few other odd holiday treats that you may or may not want to see this holiday season.

cherpumple odd christmas treat


Like the Turducken (turkey, duck, chicken combo) it’s made with cherry, apple, and pumpkin pie stacked up and slathered with cream cheese icing to keep it married together.


Mincemeat Pie Odd Holiday Treats

Mincemeat pie

Is there really meat in this pie? If made correctly, yes! If enjoying this “meaty” version of the pie, you can bring out your inner Joey from “Friends” and declare “meat good”.

Fruit Cake Odd Holiday Treats


Probably the most ridiculed dessert and resented gift of all. Candied fruits in a spicy gingerbread-like cake are not high on the favorites list for most people. But you can save the day. Soak this bad boy in Grand Marnier, serve it up with coffee, and you’ve got a winner.