great gifts for grads

Clever ideas to fit every style and budget

May is a big month for graduates and selecting the best gifts can be a conundrum. Money is always appreciated but seems impersonal. So what kind of gifts will resonate and be useful without being too expensive? Here are some ideas that may just be the ticket.

  1. Charging dock: This station allows your grad to keep and charge all smart technology in one location. For a more personalized gift, have the name of the student put on the charging station.
  2. Tile: Cluttered dorms and apartments can make keeping track of personal belongings a challenge. The tile is a great way to locate items by connecting to a search app on any smart phone.
  3. Bluetooth speaker: When hanging out in a dorm or apartment, a Bluetooth speaker allows your grads to jam to whatever makes them happy.
  4. Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire TV Stick: Plug one of these sticks into a smart TV, and all your grad’s streaming services are there for viewing.
  5. Vinyl record player: What’s old is new again and vinyl is making a comeback. Of course, finding albums to play might be a little tough; but hey, they’re graduates, they can do anything.
  6. Light-up phone case: The LuMee, made popular by the Kardashians, makes the lighting for selfies perfect. Snap chat away in your best light.
  7. Mealpal: This is a meal service you can purchase for the grad. Mealpal allows the grad to order take out from different restaurants for lunch or dinner. Plans last for 30 days and are only available in certain cities.
  8. Goby or Quip: Dental hygiene is critical, so these toothbrushes help your grad remember to brush!

Hopefully these items give you some options when heading out to the store or go online. Whatever you choose, the grad is sure to be grateful.