heading to college

Sweet Somethings For Your College Freshman

Moving into a dorm and away from mom and dad is both exciting and scary all at the same time. For many college freshmen, heading to college is the first time they have been away from home for an extended period of time. It might even be the first time they have had to do their laundry, study for longer than 20 minutes, get themselves to class, or eat food that mom or dad didn’t prepare. Those who choose colleges more than a few hours away from home may find that it’s tough to be on their own. Care packages can really lift the spirits of a new college student, but what should you send? Here are some sweet ideas that will help a freshman feel a little less homesick.

Study buddy basket

Highlighters, home-baked cookies, sticky notes, and a clever coffee mug are great to remind the undergrads of home while helping them remember all their new information.

A get your vitamins and minerals basket

Let’s face it, if moms aren’t there telling them to eat some veggies, odds are that other than French fries and ketchup, no veggies will be consumed. A box with some apples, oranges, and bananas as well as some baby carrots or snow peas with some small ranch dressing packets might encourage some healthy intake. Use a cooler box if necessary.

Fan-tastic basket

It’s exciting to start a new school and root for the college team, so they will need some game-day gear. Send a t-shirt or sweatshirt and ball cap with the team mascot or logo. Maybe a few magnets or pennants for the dorm décor or a big cup or mug indicating what team they are rooting for. A raincoat or umbrella with the school logo is also a great thing to throw in since traipsing across campus in the rain will become a reality!

Rejuvenation basket

For girls, making friends in the dorms is a priority so plan a night to remember. Fun facial masks, foot cream, fuzzy socks, and some nail polish can help provide a bonding experience and maybe even keep them in on a Saturday night.

Cram for exam basket

Coffee K-cups, hot cocoa packets, trail mix, gummy bears, popcorn packets, and caffeinated sodas can be a student’s best friend when it’s time to buckle down for the big test. Throw in some vitamin C packets to ward off any sickness that may be lurking around overtired, undernourished students.

Whatever you choose to send, students will appreciate the surprises and know they are loved. The first semester will be over before they can blink!