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Celebrate sweet patricks on st. paddy's day

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, brought Christianity to the country. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated the 17th day of March each year to honor the traditional death date of the saint. Because of his popularity, many Irish men are named “Patrick” or a variation thereof. Celebrated along with Saint Patrick are those wee little men in the green suits who play tricks on that day. It’s said that if you catch a leprechaun, he’s supposed to grant you three wishes for his freedom. I think I might just wish for a dinner to celebrate some of these handsome “Patricks.”

Patrick Stewart

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First, we have Sir Patrick Stewart – in my opinion the best captain of the US Starship Enterprise. He makes being in a wheel chair sexy when he plays Professor Charles Xavier in the “X-Men” series. Even the Queen of England agrees with his fine acting abilities and knighted him in 2010.

Patrick Duffy

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If you grew up watching “Dallas,” you may have had a crush on Bobby Ewing. Thank you Patrick Duffy for making that show worth watching on a regular basis.

Pat Sajak

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Where would the Wheel of Fortune be without Pat(rick) Sajak? I mean Vanna seems to get all the glory, but it’s Pat who really keeps the wheel spinning.

Patrick Swayze

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“Dirty Dancing” anyone? How about “Ghost” or “Roadhouse?” Patrick Swayze gave us all hope that men might actually enjoy dancing, and he certainly was a spirit worth conjuring up in “Ghost.”

Patrick Dempsey

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And finally, how about Dr. McDreamy in “Grey’s Anatomy,” the handsome Patrick Dempsey who only seems to get better looking with age. He was so cute and sweet as the nerdy lawn boy in “Can’t Buy Me Love” and thankfully was able to mature into a character we to like to see – the perfect fairytale prince in “Enchanted” and the dreamy senator’s son in “Sweet Home Alabama.” Whether in a tuxedo or scrubs, he is certainly worth some celebration. Let’s just hope we can find a leprechaun to grant the wish of dining with one of these great “Patricks.”