meet candy the csid elf

The story of the mischievous elf with a belly ache

The holidays are fast approaching, and many people participate in the “Elf on the Shelf” activities to get their children to behave in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Our Elf is a little different. For Candy, typical holiday sweets cause belly pain, gas, and even diarrhea, making our elf more mischievous than other elves. Here’s his story.


Have you ever felt like Candy, the CSID elf?


Have you been suffering with diarrhea, gas, and/or stomach pain?

Are you desperately seeking a diagnosis in vain?


Every doctor you’ve seen has poked, prodded, and scoped.

While you get so frustrated, you begin to lose hope.


Then one day you hear about a new type of disease…an enzyme deficiency.

Seems hard to believe.


There’s an enzyme called Sucrase-Isomaltase, simply know as SI.

And when it’s missing, your digestive system goes awry.


Enzymes in the small intestines is where digestion actually starts. Disruption

in this region can cause bloating or…gas!


SI is responsible for cleaving the sucrose molecule into two parts. Where it’s

absorbed into the bloodstream then converted into energy and smarts!


Most people don’t realize all the places sucrose exists. There is sucrose in

nearly everything, making it hard to resist.


It’s found in candy, bananas, carrots, and oats. There’s sucrose in grapefruit,

sweet potatoes, and even your toast!


So what’s the name of this rare condition? The symptoms might seem like

SIBO, Chron’s or Celiac to your physician.


This disease is named C.S.I.D. (Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency)


It may be more common than you think. Diagnostic aids include a scope,

breath test, food challenge, or swab for a genetic link.


So make an appointment with a list of your symptoms in hand. Tell your

physician about CSID, so that your doc will understand.


You’ve suffered so long, but your journey may be nearly complete.

With proper diagnosis, it’s a disease your doctor can treat.

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