National Slurpee® Day

bring on only the best in brain freezes

7-Eleven stores have been home to the Slurpee® since its inception. This icy cold treat comes at you from a whirling freezer in a self-serve format that allows you to be a kid and make flavor concoctions that suit your taste of the day. What’s even better is that you choose the size cup you would like to fill, so whether you slurp a little or slurp a lot, you’re sure to bring on only the best in brain freezes.

Slushy drinks are served up everywhere, in ballparks, big box stores, and convenience stores; but not all are created equal, and only 7-11 can call the drink a Slurpee®. Other outlets call them by a variety of names with “Icee” coming in a strong second. But if you think they’re all the same, you need to get a few things straight.

First, the Slurpee® gets its name from the slurpy sound you make when imbibing slush through a straw. The Icee has a similar consistency, but it has a little different ratio of ice to liquid and is intended to be eaten with the straw-spoon, or is it spoon-straw?

The Slurpee® is a frozen carbonated soda, so it has a little zing to treat the tongue. The Icee also has the carbonation; but if you ask me, it feels a little frothier than the Slurpee®

These are both different from the slushy, which is a sugary ice base that is custom-flavored. You’ve probably noticed that the Slurpee® comes in Coke and Dr. Pepper flavors where the Slush Puppie or Sonic Slush come in a variety of flavors like grape, orange, and cherry.

Good news out there for all you Slurpee® connoisseurs. 7-Eleven is setting up “hot spots” for Slurpee® delivery. Now you can download the “7Now” app and go to “7 now pins” to find out where this glorious convenience can be used. No need to find your shirt or shoes, just wait for the slush to come to you.

The thing that makes the Slurpee® king of the slurpable beverages is that once a year, on 7/11, you can get one of these delicious treats on the house!