national sweetest day

A day to celebrate all of the sweetness in the world

Getting a gift of candy or cookies unexpectedly brightens everyone’s day and brings a smile to their face. With all of the breaking news and 24-hour coverage of everything that is wrong in the world, it certainly makes sense to have a day where we can celebrate the good things. This day is called National Sweetest Day and falls on the third Saturday in October each year.

In 1922 a philanthropist and candy-company employee, Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to bring some happiness into the lives of shut-ins, orphans, and other people who had been forgotten by society. Since Kingston worked in a candy store, the gifts people received were initially candy. Over time, more communities joined in this tradition and started giving candy, home-baked goods, cards, or even just telling people they were loved.

I admit that this month was the first time I had heard of this particular day, but I am definitely putting it on my calendar and participating this year. Sometimes our lives just get so busy that we forget to tell people we love them, or check on our elderly neighbors, or recognize a need that someone might have. This day can be a catalyst to start being kind again.

Do you have people in your life who need to be reminded of the sweetness in the world? How about taking some brownies or cookies to your next-door neighbor and staying to chat about their kids, or grandkids, or even their pets? Do you see a crossing guard each morning helping the kids across the street? Maybe that sweetness can be rewarded with a card or a treat?

National Sweetest Day can be recognized with words of affirmation, too. Let spouses know how sweet it was that they picked up their dirty socks and put them in the hamper. Send a sweet picture of your little ones holding hands to your mother-in-law just to brighten her day.

Our world is full of so much gloom and doom and bad news, it is nice to be reminded that it isn’t such a depressing place all of the time. If we were more intentional about showcasing the sweet, just think how much better the world could be.