reflecting on the sweetest things

That’s a wrap for 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019 and all that is in store for us this year. But, it wouldn’t be fair to just jump right into the New Year without reflecting on the sweet things we loved from 2018.

Sweet Technology

Apple did it again and released the iPhone XR. This sweet new phone has all the bells and whistles and no home button just like the X, but it comes in a variety of cool colors and is the most durable phone to date. Amazon also upped its game with Amazon Echo Show. Now you can see and talk to gramma across town or across the country.

Sweet New Marriages

Every little and big girl would say Harry and Meghan win for the sweetest wedding of 2018. Dreaming of being a princess, like all the Disney movies portray, came true for Meghan when she married her prince. Some other sweethearts who also tied the knot and are certainly worth mentioning include Drew Scott and Linda Phan, John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh, and Amy Schumer and Chris Fisher.

Sweet Memories

This year we lost a couple who certainly exemplified love for each other, their family, and this country. George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush were such amazing people, and their story is one of the sweetest.

Sweet Movies

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” and “Love Simon” topped the romantic comedy charts for 2018. Animated films are always sweet, and “The Incredibles 2,” “Smallfoot,” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet” left us all smiling. And then there is the sweetest of them all: “The Return of Mary Poppins.”

Sweet Sugar Substitutes

We would be remiss not to talk a little about sugar, so let’s take a quick look at what’s on the grocery store shelves. Splenda Naturals is different from the yellow Splenda packet because it’s made from the stevia leaf. The challenge with sugar substitutes is baking. It is hard to get that nice brown color in cookies without real sugar. Truvia-blend fits the bill here with stevia and a little cane sugar for the perfect baking quality while still limiting total sugar.

Now that we have wrapped up 2018, we can look forward to an even sweeter 2019!