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Our picks for top television fathers

1. Charles Ingalls: “Little House on the Prairie”

“Little House on the Prairie” gave us this hard-working, advice-giving, understanding father. He kept those Ingalls kids in line and made sure they understood hard work. The “real” Charles, who lived from 1836 to 1902, was the inspiration for the Pa we came to know and love on the small screen.

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2. Jed Clampett: “The Beverly Hillbillies”

Well, you can take the boy out of the country, but…lol. Jed moved that family to Beverly Hills and did his best to keep Jethro out of trouble, the boys away from Ellie Mae, and Granny from using her shotgun to kill critters in the city.

3. Archie Bunker: “All in the Family”

You are some kind of dad hero if your chair gets a spot in the Smithsonian! Archie, like most good dads, had the highest hopes for his daughter’s husband. Archie even gave his son-in-law the nickname “Meathead.”

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4. Howard Cunningham: “Happy Days”

Father to Richie and Joanie, and, oh yes, Chuck. Good old Howie worked hard at Cunningham’s Hardware to provide for his family. He was a good sport to take in the Fonz as the family’s tenant above the garage. Who could forget the show’s favorite moment watching Howard walk Joanie down the aisle to wed Chachi?

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5. Mike Brady: “The Brady Bunch”

Here’s the story. This guy must have been some kind of amazing architect to support six kids, his stay-at-home wife, and a full-time house keeper. His home office was certainly a place where serious discipline discussions took place.

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6. Danny Tanner: “Full House”

This single dad, with the help of his two best pals, did a great job raising DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Danny was also pretty good at tolerating that crazy Kimmy Gibler, and he always put the girls first and made sure they were happy.

7. Homer Simpson: “The Simpsons”

Awww Homie, what a guy. Is there a dad who likes donuts more than Homer? Bart, Lisa, and Maggie had it pretty good with this goofball heading up the family.


8. Al Bundy: “Married … With Children”

I’m not sure Al was the model dad, but he certainly worked hard at the shoe store. Al and Peg certainly had a unique parenting style, but they made it work.

9. Dan Conner: “Roseanne”

It’s so nice to see good old Dan back on TV. His sarcasm toward most things is offered up in the most loving way. He embodies a lot of working dads just trying to make ends meet and keep his kids fed and clothed.


10. Phil Dunphy: “Modern Family”

“Phil’s Philosophy” certainly helped shape the minds of his three kids. It seems fitting to use one to close this piece. “Never be afraid to reach for the stars, because even if you fall, you´ll always be using a parent-chute.”