sweetest tv moms

Remembering the moms we grew up with on the small screen

As Mother’s Day approaches, it seems only fitting to think back to all of the moms who have influenced our lives. Even if you grew up without a mom in your home, there was always a mom on TV you could tune into each day and watch her dolling out advice. Let’s look back at some of the sweet, and sometimes sour, moms on the small screen.

June Cleaver

“Leave it to Beaver”

The Beaver and Wally’s mom, always perfectly coiffed and in a smart dress with pearls, put up with a lot from those rascals but didn’t lose her cool. She even caught on to their friend Eddie’s parent-pleasing schemes.

Marion Cunningham

“Happy Days”

Marion Cunningham

Richie and Joanie seemed to have it made with their sweet mom supporting them in whatever they were doing. She opened her home and heart to the Fonz and even stayed current telling Potsie to “sit on it” when needed.

Carol Brady

“The Brady Bunch”

Well here’s the story. Supermom took on three boys, a fulltime housekeeper, and a scruffy dog when she married good old Mike. The kids certainly tested her patience on many occasions. And what great advice she had for Marcia.

Claire Huxtable

“The Cosby Show”


The mom to Sondra, Theo, Denise, Vanessa, and Rudy had her hands full with her full-time lawyering job. Claire was quick to catch on to some of the shenanigans her kids were up to and kept a sense of humor throughout the show. She also showed us that she was one tough cookie in the courtroom.

Jill Taylor

“Home Improvement”

Image from Home Improvement Wiki

Jill should get a mom and wife award for putting up with her three boys and then, of course, Tim the Tool Man. Jill showed us that moms can be nice, strict, and go back to school if they want. She also had the highest-powered vacuum cleaner in the world.

Kitty Forman

“That 70’s Show”


This mom broke it down for us. We could see how she dealt with her kids and there are memes to prove it. She kept her wits about her while dealing with some pretty dumb kids.

Claire Dunphy

“Modern Family”

I’m not sure we would always call her sweet. She is pretty obsessed with making sure her kids aren’t quite as crazy and rebellious as she was as a teen. She might also get props for staying married to Phil. That guy is like another kid.

Marge Simpson

“The Simpsons”

With her amazing blue hair, this matriarch of the family manages to take care of it all.

Frankie Heck

“The Middle”

With Axel, Sue, and Brick as kids, poor Frankie tries her best to be level headed. She is like a lot of moms, too much to do, not enough money, and a cluttered house. I’m not sure storing the comforter in the oven is a great idea, but it’s what she has to do to survive.

 Roseanne Connor


She is back better than ever with that sharp wit and no-nonsense personality. There’s no “PC” with RC because she says whatever pops in her head. Roseanne isn’t the sweetest mom, but she loves her kids fiercely; and, after all, isn’t that what we want to see in our moms?