to gift or to re-gift, that is the question

Six ways to pass along a present on national regifting day

Have you ever received a gift from someone you knew had no knowledge of your life? Does your granny still think you love Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob? Do you have more bathrobes than bathrooms? Did you forget the office party is in an hour and you can’t get to the mall? Well, you’re in luck! December 21st is National Regifting Day – the day where that item someone thought was just perfect for you can find a new home with someone you may, or may not, love. To regift you must follow a few rules or you may end up with some hurt feelings.

  1. Rewrap the gift. This way the gift looks like something new, and you don’t end up with your name on a card with “Love, Grammy.” Presentation is everything.
  2. Think about who gave you the gift. Nothing is worse than giving someone back the very gift they thought was perfect for you. Unless that was their ultimate plan, it may cause some hard feelings.
  3. Keep the gift in the original packaging. People know the gift is a regift if the box has been opened or there are missing parts or directions. It’s bad enough to get someone else’s cast away, but does it have to be obvious?
  4. Don’t take the gift to a party where the original gifter is likely to be present. It just looks bad when they see the lovely candy dish they thought was wonderful wrapped up for a game of Yankee Swap.
  5. Add to the gift to make it more appealing. Maybe you got a hat that you will never wear, but it’s warm and you have a niece it would be perfect for. How about getting a pair of gloves that match and make it a set?
  6. Turn the gift into the butt of a good joke, and it can be the gift that keeps on giving. We have a cow-chicken thing that looks like a cookie jar but isn’t. It has absolutely no function. Someone in our Sunday school class brought it to our Dirty Santa party, and it’s been making the rounds for the last 10 years. We always add something worthy to it, like a gift card for dinner or a movie, so at least you get something good with the gift you are now responsible for giving the next year.