top 10 social media sites

National social media day

The last day of June is National Social Media Day. Things were much simpler before the smartphone and personal computer. If you wanted to be social with friends and make memories, you got out and about, used the telephone, went to church, or played a sport. A Polaroid camera was the only instant photo you had, otherwise, you took a bunch of pictures and crossed your fingers one or two of them were in focus when you picked them up from the lab. Today, not only do people take pictures with an app on their phone, they actually get their news from Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Since 2004, people have been updating their status and posting pictures of their so-called “fabulous lives” for all of their “friends” or “friends of friends” to see. Do you know that there are over 2.2 billion people using Facebook on a daily basis? Did you also know that one in three people comes away from their Facebook session feeling dissatisfied with their life? Social media can definitely be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you use it.

Since you know that Facebook is the number one social media site, do you wonder where all the others stack up?

Here are the next nine most popular sites.

  1. YouTube: Thanks to this site you can watch video on just about anything from how to fix something to cooking to funny kitten videos.
  2. Instagram: This is an app for users to capture, edit, and share photos. Like they so nicely described it on “The Interns,” you take a picture and instantly put it “on the line” for everyone to see. Facebook owns Instagram.
  3. Qzone: This is a Chinese social networking site.
  4. Weibo: This Chinese social media site, similar to Tumblr (see 10 below), is for microblogging
  5. Twitter: On this online news and social networking service, users can post and interact by “tweeting.” More people will likely start tweeting now that the characters aren’t so limited. People have a lot to say but the limitations were discouraging.
  6. Reddit: This site keeps you up-to-date with breaking news, fun stories, pictures, memes, and videos, not just what your friends, friends of friends, and family are doing.
  7. Pinterest: If we had hard copies of all the cool things we pin, we would need a hoarding intervention for sure. Party foods and decorations have certainly improved thanks to Pinterest!
  8. On this Q&A social media site, users create profiles and ask anonymous questions. Now you don’t have to say “asking for a friend” when you really don’t want people to think it’s you asking the boneheaded questions.
  9. Tumblr: This is a microblog and social media networking website. I’m not sure who really uses this when you have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but someone must use it since it’s number 10!