top 10 sweet summer treats

From the ice cream truck

It’s summertime, so that means long, hot days and mild evenings, sprinklers to run through, pools to cannonball into, and the mad scramble for a couple of bucks as soon as you hear that magical music that signals the Ice Cream Man! It seems to always be the same almost-creepy tune, and it never fails that the truck swings through your neighborhood just as your mom is getting dinner on the table.

I’m not sure why buying frozen treats out of a truck with sometimes more-than-interesting driver makes them better than the ones your mom picks up at the store, but they are awesome. The ice cream selections are plastered on the side of the truck and offer some tough choices. Here is the list of our favorite ice cream truck treats.

10. Chocolate Éclair Bar:

This gourmet dessert made for kids is quite tricky with all those crumbles on the outside surrounding possibly the fastest melting ice cream of all time. You end up a sticky disaster by the end if you don’t power through it quickly.

9. Creamsicle:

Orange popsicle surrounding vanilla ice cream? Who would have thought this was a great idea? Well whoever it was, they were right; the tang of the orange and the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream really hit the spot.

8. Power Puff Girls on a Stick:

Although it’s been years since the girls were on TV, they still dominate the ice cream truck. Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup also come with a bonus gumball as an eyeball.

7. Firecracker:

This red, white, and blue popsicle is the embodiment of summertime in America. With its blue raspberry, lemon lime, and cherry layers, it’s a star.

6. The Chipwich:

Probably the most calorically packed item in the truck, but oh so delicious. What’s not to love about two giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream? Nothing I tell you! Nothing at all!

5. Push-up Pop:

The goal here must have been to keep you as clean as possible while the ice cream was melting or to build up your grip strength trying to push the orange sherbet up through the cardboard container.

4. Choco Taco:

“Muy bien” is what we have to say! A wonderful waffle cone shell filled with ice cream and dipped in chocolate! Definitely makes for a buen dia.

3. Snow Cone:

The best thing about the snow cone is all of the flavors in one item, plus the little paper cup lets you drink whatever melted instead of the sticky syrup dripping down your hand.

2. Strawberry Shortcake Bar:

Like the éclair bar, this bar has a crumbly coating surrounding creamy goodness, but this time in a fruity flavor.

1. Ice Cream Sandwich:

Whether you get the Neapolitan or the classic, there’s nothing that screams summer more than the ice cream sandwich.