top 10 sweetest college mascots

College football season is upon us, and Saturdays are now devoted to watching your favorite team and those teams that you love to hate. Each team has its cheer squad to help motivate the fans along with the mascots with their crazy antics who not only fire up the team and the fans but can be even more fun to watch than the game. Let’s take a look at some of the sweetest mascots around.

sweetest mascots

  1. Big Jay and Baby Jay. These mascots represent the University of Kansas. These adorable Jayhawks clad in the attire matching the sport they are attending are a favorite at KU games.
  2. Bucky Badger. Bucky represents the University of Wisconsin. Dressed in his trademark cardinal-red and white turtleneck with the big W on the front, Bucky can be seen doing push-ups to match the score of the football game.
  3. Albert and Alberta Gator. Initially the University of Florida brought a live alligator to football games as their mascot. Thankfully that trend didn’t last long and these cute cuddly gators took its place.
  4. Brutus the Buckeye. Brutus represents The Ohio State University at sporting events. Who would have thought that a poisonous nut could be so cute?
  5. Big Al. This plush big gray elephant can be seen on the sidelines cheering on Alabama’s Crimson Tide. Al came about after the team was compared to the rumbling of a herd of elephants.
  6. Ralphie the Buffalo. A live buffalo is run out onto the field at football games at the University of Colorado. Ralphie doesn’t really have an indoor presence, so the Buffaloes also have Chip, a furry, kid-friendly mascot.
  7. Boomer and Sooner. These ponies replaced Top Dog at basketball games at the University of Oklahoma. The ponies that pull the schooner on Saturdays in the fall are also named Boomer and Sooner, but like Ralphie they really aren’t indoor appropriate.
  8. UGA. This football-jersey-wearing bulldog has been voted favorite mascot multiple times over the years. UGA, who represents the University of Georgia, is so ugly he’s cute.
  9. The Duck. Yes, that is his name, represents the University of Oregon. He is the coolest, riding a motorcycle and looking just like another famous duck that people love.
  10. Gus the Gorilla. Gus is one of the best-known college mascots, but many people might not even know what college he represents. Pittsburgh State is the university he calls home and here’s another surprise, this Pittsburgh is in Kansas.