TV rom-coms

Who warmed our hearts and who made us laugh?

Who doesn’t love a good romance? A sweet couple who seem practically perfect in every way? Or a couple with some quirks? How about those that we can’t wait to see end up together, but love the chase? Thanks to rom-coms and sit-coms, we can get our fill of watching these couples fight and make up or finally get together.

The 1970s gave us “The Brady Bunch” with Mike and Carol, the “Archie Bunker Show” with Archie and Edith, and “Bewitched” with Samantha and Darrin. Mike and Carol Brady with their plethora of kids and housekeeper Alice to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine warmed our hearts for second marriages and blended families. Archie and Edith Bunker were a whole other dynamic with Edith being a little scatterbrained and Archie a grouch. The hard-to-love Archie displayed a soft side every once and again and showed some appreciation for his sweet wife. Then we had Samantha and Darrin, or “Dum-Dum” as her mother called him. What a lucky husband. With the twitch of his wife’s nose, almost anything could be done.

The 1980s brought us “Cheers,” with Sam and Diane, “Married with Children” with Al and Peg, and Howard and Marion in “Happy Days.” There was a little something for everyone here. Sam and Diane kept us hoping that one day they would finally figure it out and get together. The tension between these two was palpable on every episode. Al and Peg show us that marrying the high school quarterback may not end up all that glamorously. Although, having a husband in the shoe industry doesn’t sound too bad. Then, there’s Howard and Marion Cunningham, the all-American couple with two perfect kids. Yes, they had that third kid Chuck, but whatever. How cute was Marion telling Howard to “sit on it?”

The 1990s introduced us to Paul and Jamie Buchman in “Mad About You.” These newlyweds living in New York trying to make ends meet gave hope to the working wife and artistic husband following his dream. Zach and Kelly in “Saved by the Bell” were high school sweethearts making big decisions like what to wear to prom and where to go on spring break. We also met the “Friends” couple who would be in and out of love for two decades, Ross and Rachel. I suppose we could also say Ross and Emily, Ross and Susan, and Ross and Charlie, but it was always Ross and Rachel we were rooting for.

The 2000s brought some workplace romance in a big way. In “The Office,” what a lucky lady Pam was to have Jim just a few feet away. Watching their romance blossom and annoy Dwight at the same time made for some great viewing. We also had Derek (McDreamy) and Meredith heating up the screen in “Greys’s Anatomy,” a show that made neurosurgery look super sexy. The show also may have spurred people on to check their work policies on dating.

The 2010s haven’t finished giving us all the couples quite yet, but “Modern Family’s” Claire and Phil Dunphy should certainly be at the top of the list. We also had some more “Grey’s Anatomy” romances bloom like Owen and Christina, Owen and Teddy, Owen and Amelia. I guess we can say Owen loves love.