The amount of sugar in your favorite halloween candy

We all are aware that the goodies in the trick-or-treat bag will send us into a sugar coma. But how much sugar is actually in those little bite-sized treats? Well, that ranges from 1.0 grams to 26 grams per serving. Where does your favorite confection land? Here are the numbers for the fun-sized treats.

These are the best trick-or-treat bite-sized candies with the least amount of sugar:


Airhead 6 g
Bit-O-Honey 3.2 g
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate (86%) 1g
Hershey’s Kiss 2.3 g
Hershey’s Miniatures 4.4 g
Hershey’s Nugget 4 g
Laffy Taffy 5.4 g**
Smarties 6 g**
Starburst 6 g
Twizzler 5.3 g


Now take a look at the rest of the bit-sized candies in your trick-or-treat bag:


3 Musketeers Bar 10 g
Snickers Bar 8.5 g
Baby Ruth 11 g
Butterfinger 8.5 g
Crunch Bar 7 g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 11 g
Reese’s Pieces 7.3 g
M&M’s plain 9.3 g
M&M’s peanut 9 g
Milk Duds 9 g
Milky Way 10 g
Skittles 11.3 g
Sweet Tarts 13 g**
Twix Bar 8 g
Almond Joy 8 g
Mounds 7 g
Dots 18 g
Candy Corn (10 pieces) 16.5 g
Ghost Peeps 26 g


**Suitable for someone with CSID

Other CSID-friendly options are Bottlecaps, Runts, Gobstoppers, Pixie Stix, and Spree. These candies are all dextrose based or contain no sucrose and limited starch.