worst fashion trends of 2017

Let’s hope these “unique fashions” will not reappear In 2018

As always, it was quite a year for fashion. Here are my picks for those items that need to be buried with 2017 and not ring in the New Year.


Statement Shirts Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

1. Silly statement t-shirts.

Do we really need to know you love tacos? How about telling us something that makes an impact – not a food order.

Corset Belts Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

2. Corset belts.

Not everyone is or should be a Kardashian, Wonder Woman, or a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler. That much belt is too much belt for anyone.

stiletto shoes Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

3. Uncomfortable shoes.

These should ALWAYS be a no. Yes, stilettos elongate the leg, but when you end up rolling your ankle or exacerbating plantar fasciitis, that orthopedic boot you’re wearing is not ever sexy. You don’t have to wear clogs, but use some common sense people.

chokers Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

4. Chokers, pom-poms and tassels.

It was fun being five, but you’re not anymore so it’s time to stop.

chumky necklace Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

5. Chunky and clunky accessories.

Sorry friends! Those giant necklaces are out.

Male Rompers Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

6. Male Rompers.

Were these really ever in? They are ridiculous, so it’s a good thing they are out.

one shoulder tops Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

7. One shoulder everything.

If you LOVE this look and it works for you, then have at it. If not, show a little skin in a different way.

unicorn fashion Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

8. Unicorn everything.

If you have graduated from elementary school, it’s time to leave the unicorn behind.